Candy that’s good for your teeth!!

Yes you read that right.  I’m happy to tell you that candy and dental health does not have to be mutually exclusive. You CAN have your cake (or in this case,  candy) and eat it too!

How? By changing your candy to “good-for-your-teeth” candy!  And it tastes great,  not like medicine or something artificial.  All the candy I am recommending has been approved by my 3 year old son and me for taste.  


This candy comes in lollipop or lozenge form.  The cavity fighting agent is derived from licorice root and has been shown to decrease the levels of cavity causing bacteria.  It’s an all natural herbal therapy that was developed after 7 years of testing at UCLA School of Dentistry.  It’s recommended to use the lollipops for 10 days, one in the morning and one in the evening. Do this 2-4 times a year and you can decrease cavity causing bacteria!

The taste is good, although there is a hint of the licorice taste in there.  It’s not a bad taste, but it does taste a bit different from your traditional sugar lollipop.  I’m not a huge fan of licorice taste, but I still thought these were good.  My son seemed to love the taste, he didn’t say anything other than, “can I have another one?”

The packs of 20 are available on Amazon.  I hope to offer them for a discount at the office at some point as well.  Note: these are the only candies on my list that are xylitol free.

Xlear SparX

These little candies were my son’s first favorite “good for your teeth” candy.  They come in three flavors: fruit, citrus and berry.  They are very similar to the candy Runts.   One thing to note is that these candies are very hard.  I would not recommend biting these, as you could chip a tooth!   If you suck on them a bit, they become softer and can be chewed at that point.  These taste great, just watch that you don’t overdo it at one time, you want to space out your xylitol consumption for best efficacy.


Zollipops contain xylitol in order to change the pH of the mouth.  As was discussed in my water article, pH is a big factor in determining cavity risk.  Having an acidic mouth encourages growth of acid loving bacteria–the ones responsible for causing cavities.

Each lollipop contains .5 gram xylitol.  In order to get a therapeutic dose of xylitol from just the lollipops, it would be necessary to eat more lollipops than the recommended 3 per day.  However, the effect on the pH of the mouth is still greatly beneficial and can be also used in combination with xylitol gum or mints in order to get to the target of 5 exposures and 6 grams per day.  

And they taste great!  I really don’t think you will be missing the sugar in these at all.  My son loves them.  The only complaint I saw online was that the stick sometimes comes out before the sucker is done.  I haven’t had this issue, however.

These lollipops are also very affordable and can be bought on Amazon.

Dr. John’s

Dr. John’s makes lollipops, hard candy (lozenges), and taffy.  The lollipops and hard candy both contain 2 grams of xylitol in the Inspired Sweets collection.  This is the perfect amount for a three-times-a-day regimen to get to 6 grams of xylitol.  Optimally, 5 exposures is the best way to do xylitol, but that is sometimes difficult to do/remember.  The taffy is great for those who love taffy or soft chocolate candy.  They contain 1 gram xylitol each.  The taste is really great, and the suckers are made more solidly.  I wouldn’t worry about the stick coming out of these.   They are predictably more expensive in price compared to the Zollipops, but I think it’s worth it, especially for the greater xylitol content.  These are available on Amazon.

Basic Bites

Calling all chocoholics!  These little chocolate chews pack a powerful punch in the fight against cavities.  They contain arginine and bicarbonate, both of which help to control the pH in the mouth.  These little candies nourish the good bacteria in your mouth (and therefore discourages growth of cavity causing bacteria).  And guess what?  They actually taste like chocolate.  The closest thing I can compare it to would be like a chocolate flavored soft caramel.  Chew one in the morning after breakfast and one in the evening before bed and allow it to cover the tooth surfaces.  Imagine, being encouraged to bathe your teeth in your candy!  Note: Recommended for age 6 and older due to being a potential choking hazard

Note: See my xylitol article for more on recommended xylitol use.

There you have it!  You can eat candy that actually benefits your teeth and you won’t need to feel guilty!  Sweet tooth people rejoice!

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